Friday, December 31, 2010

Totally messed up the layout of my blog

I tried someone else's layout and now I can't read or you can't read some posts. Another thing to add to the New Years to do list.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Found the picture on the iphone, not a great picture, not sure it the watermark will show up. It was very tiny on the upload to picasa. How do others put watermarks on their pictures? This was almost all graphics grabbed from the web, some ribbon that I got with a gift sometime ago and Cherry Cobler cardstock from SU
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Quiet Time Between Christmas & New Years

We are suppose to be de-junking the basement so we don't end up on a episode of Hoarders. Some how we manage to avoid it. It must be done, so I can move the rest of my daughters stuff to the basement ready for her to collect next summer.  Then I can finally get my craft room back.
So how did you all do at Christmas?
Somehow I ended up with a new laptop, I am getting used to it, the keyboard feels a little funny and am having trouble with the keys lol.
The new tv went on the blink on boxing day, but really again it was our shaw cable box.  Hubby is not happy, as his football and hockey was in green. Oh well, we have the other tv almost set up in the basement and just need a coupler for the cable (too short).
I think I forgot to take a picture of my Moms card, maybe it's on my phone I did send it to Sheena in a message. I think I have found out how to watermark my pictures. The good camera is out and I am going to start to use it. Might start to challenge myself to take a picture a day, using the different settings and actually learning to use it fully. Said that last year too lol. I will make a post with my resolutions for 2011. Off to get more work done in the basement and to find picture of the card

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I am off on vacation until January 4, so I will wish everyone who might follow my blog a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, just in case I don't blog before then.  We all know how good I am at blogging lol.  I still have my Mom's card to do and the gift tags. So I am going to finish my tea and get to it, then enjoy the rest of the evening with hubby.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

OOOO I am getting some visitors!

But not too many comments, I can take the good with the bad or at least click on the interesting etc buttons.
Last day of work, and I should be working. Still lots to do on the home front.  Another batch of shortbreads, butter tarts and another try at pecan tarts. Still a couple of cards to do, including a new baby card ( I have new stamps for this).  A couple of tags as well.  Hubby wants me to make tags for the big gift items we bought ourselves lol.
Love to hear your comments. It makes me think at least you did stop by; and if my blog is boring, tell me I am learning this blogging

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Cards done

Got quite a few cards done last night.  I have only a few more to make, like my Mom's and sons and a couple of neighbours.  One of our neighbours just had a baby last night as well, so I will have to get a baby card done as well.

Again I am at work and I never remember what I used
Graphic 45 Christmas Past
BO Bunny Midnight Frost (I think)
SU cardstock Hunter Green (could be wrong), Cherry Cobbler and Brocade Blue?
Stamps Flourishes I think it is called Winter Wishes, (can't find it on their web site at the moment)?
Digital images from  Clearly Vintage
other papers were Die Cuts with a View Christmas.
Big Kick and Sizzex Die and embossing folder

This one is for one of my co-workers
Another one of my co-workers received this one
 This is for the bosses daughter who happens to be a wonderful co-worker
This is the gift tag for the boss (in the package is the new Tim Horton mug and coffee).  He said no card, ha I made him a tag lol

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ink Cut & Fold

Ink Cut & Fold

Check out the blog Candy here. Amazing I wouldn't have to buy much craft stock for at least 6 months

Ackkk 8 more days til Christmas !!!!1

Oh Goodness!
Cards still not all out or made for that matter yikes!
Tree still not up! Waiting on hubby to do some magic there and make room for it.  Will stop waiting and do it myself this weekend. Bah humbug to him!
Gifts are bought and gift to dear daughter has been sent and received.  I am going to miss her, first Christmas that we will not all be together.
Baking is not done. Well did shortbreads but they are long gone.
Man I am going to have a busy weekend and I have had a sore throat for a day or so.

I did start the card for Christine's I make card sketch, but ran out of steam before putting it together so it will be late :(
On an up beat note, today is our Christmas lunch for the office.  This year we are going to The Ranche.
We went there last year as well. Only one more week then a week off.  Maybe during that week I can get things organized and have a craft room back.  I can spend time there instead of hauling everything around the house to create.  I wonder if I will find the stuff, that has gone missing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I am the only one who visits my blog! huh

Just lost a whole post crap

I added one of those live feed trackers to this blog.  It seems I am the only one on it. I do have a couple of followers, oh well I am not that interesting anyway right?

On another topic
I finally got some Christmas cards made 12 to be exact. 3 have been sent out.  Once again I took the photos with the iphone. I am making a resolution to take better pictures in the New Year okay!

 This is the mass produced made 8 of these. Stampin up retired papers I think (not at home, I will try to edit and put info in later).  The designer paper is the Bo Bunny Frost (love it) The Stamp is Stampin Up as well
Again Stampin up cardstock and Graphic 45 Christmas (love this paper too).  The stamp is Stampin Up

This one the sentiment is one of the Flourishes

This beauty  is mostly digitals and Stampin Up sentiment.  I believe the the graphic comes from Graphic Fairy and Free Vintage clip art.  I will try to learn to post links okay. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do you remember where you where when you heard the News "John Lennon is dead"

I do, even though it was 30 years ago and a life time has been lived since then. I was just starting out then and here his life was ended, leaving a young family.  I was just 20 years old, just moved to Calgary, staying with my Mom, in a rented trailer, working at the Co-op.  I was listen to a Chicago radio station (I think).  I had just bought his new album and was loving it.  I think it was the first time I actually mourned a celebrity, Diana and Heath Ledger were about the only other deaths that seem to strike  a cord within my soul. Can't tell you why those 3, someday maybe the Goddess will show me why?
In the last 30 years, I have met my DH, had my beautiful daughter and my wonderful, if sometimes annoying son.     Lived in Calgary, Toronto, New Castle NB, Tracdie NS and back to Calgary.
Been through some rough times and lots of good times as well. Looking forward to another 30 years of memories.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick update, just so you don't think the visit went astray lol

My visit with Debbie and her daughter was wonderful.  It is fun to meet people that you have met online, kind of scary too. She is just like she is online. The cold weather has broken and we even have a Chinook.
Hubby and I decided that we will not be going to see DD during the Christmas break, but I have booked a flight for the end of January, half the price.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It is COLD here I mean freaking COLD!

On the radio one station said they read on twitter that we were number 2 just under Antarctica for the coldest place on earth. No wonder I want to hibernate.
So tomorrow I get to meet one of my internet friends and her daughter.  They are flying into Calgary to go to her son's wedding in a place called Coaldale (I may have the spelt wrong).  They are coming from Georgia, am I am afraid they are going to have a big climate shock.  We met on a website for weight loss (not that I am losing any) in a group called "I hate exercise"

I did get a card made for my bosses birthday, once again I don't have a clue what I used to make the card. Some stuff from scraps and some from Stampin Up and my favourite Flourishes stamp  A Guiding Light. That tall ship is perfect for most of the men in my life.
I know I stamped it with memento brown and used some distress stickels on the flag and water.  I had wanted to bronze emboss it, but couldn't find my heat gun or the correct acrylic block either.  My co-workers thought it was wonderful, so I guess that is all that matters.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is it just me?

I use facebook, love it to keep in touch. Now I have nothing against religion, but all this posting religious stuff in your status on facebook really. I believe it is mostly Christians that do this, I have friend who are not and I don't see them spamming me (I really think it is spamming) with their religious views.  One cousin-in-law used Halloween to give out religious propaganda. Wow Christians have take all the pagan holidays now they are trying to take this  as well! Believe what you will, but don't preach to everyone.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sneaking in a Post

quiet of the morning at work, but lots to do before month end.  DH should be home tonight, he called last night and was saying what a job cleaning out and up the apartment was.  Glad he knows now, how many times have I done that lol.
Then he is off to Ontario to see his brother, DD and her BF will take the train to meet them. So he gets to meet this BF before I do.  I do hope BF is up to the MacIsaac boys. The teasing and picking on will begin as soon as they arrive.
Hubby is thinking it maybe a bit before the next job, so I better be prepared to cut back.  Funny, it's not me that spends money, except on the cats and stamping.  Still, I am the one with the high credit cards, I used them for our vacation and things for the house, but I am paying them off.  Whatever! I will get them gone.  We will just have a quiet holiday season and keep the gift giving inexpensive and from the heart.
That of course means I had better start making things. First though is the cleaning of our basement, putting the living room back together and my craft/computer room.  Then there will be the stuff in our DS garage from the Edmonton apartment.
One thing at a time..................

Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally some card making!

Yesterday, I spend the morning catching up with my silly FB games. Then off to Wally world for cat litter. Some how I spent almost $100 there. Then I spent the afternoon hauling card making supplies down to the kitchen (see previous posts as to why).  Made my Dad his birthday card, it turned out very nice.

Used Tim Holtz Wild Honey distress ink on a printed old map, then sprayed with water. I love this colour.
This is my first gate card by myself.
The paper is I think Stampin Up Expresso?
and some cheap staples white.
The stamps are from Flourishes, Guiding Light, I love this set.  I have so many people who love sail boats and light houses in my life.
Oh yes I used nesties the deckled rectangles.

I then spent some time stamping images for my Ottawa girls (DD's two cousins are living there as well) Sadly they will not get the Halloween images before Samhain. I will do better with the Christmas images.

The second card I didn't take a picture yet, I am not pleased on how it turned out. I rushed it as it was getting late and I was tired.
Of course I had to spend another hour putting everything back into the hoarding room.
DH is moving back home today. Oh Dear more hoarding stuff. Then he is off to visit his brother in Ontario for a few days.  I do hope when he gets back we can begin to get the house in order.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh my more time gone..............

More time has past, not sure I get this blogging lol. The floors are almost complete, just end caps on stairs and baseboards.  Looks grand. I'll post pictures (yeah sure) I still have not posted the holiday pictures.

DH will be home for a few days again, maybe longer, his job in E town is over and he is just waiting on news about more.  I have not been able to make cards because of the mess in my craft room.  It only looks like a scene from Hoarders.  Goal over the next couple of weeks is to organize.
Here are the before pictures.

Freya had to get in the picture too lol

Now for the FLOOR
 Isn't this just gorgeous, you get a peek at the new  colours in my living room too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21 Mabon is upon us already

Been a while since my last blog; no excuses except laziness, can't even blame that on the lazy days of summer; Cause we didn't get one!
Lucy made it to her new momma with no problems, she was actually an awesome traveller. She is loving her new home and they are loving her.
Things have settle down with the other three.  I have even caught Katie playing (yes playing) with the kittens.  Although  they are 11 months now and Freyr is about 12lbs.
We have painted almost the whole house except for 3 rooms.  I am waiting on the fellows to deliver the wood for the floor. We are putting hardwood on the main floors.  I am hoping that project will be done by the middle of October. I will then be spending the winter de cluttering the house.

My craft room looks like a tornado went through it. Need to at least make room to do some crafting. The list for organizing is too long. So I am making a job jar to break it into manageable tasks. Will post later about my awesome vacation and what happen.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday! Ready Set Go....

Well it's Friday, it has been an interesting week. Am I ready to venture off to the US with Lucy?  I sure hope so. I sure hope that she will love her new home. I will miss her.  I discovered something at the vet's last week. Lucy has mats in her fur and not just a few, tons.  I have not had a long haired cat in a very long time and because she was so slow to warm up to me and is not a cuddly kitty, I didn't notice.  I feel so bad, I have been working most of the week trying to get the mats out.  I must say she is the sweetest and most patient cat I have known.  She lay there most of the time and let me slowly and painfully for her work the mats out.  She still has quite a few.  I feel bad about having to hand her over to her new "mommy" with still having mats.   I now know that I will have to be more vigilant with the brushing on Freya and Freyr, especially Freyr, he has similar type of fur as Lucy, and he doesn't like to be cuddled or brushed.  I will next week start to make it a nightly ritual.  I do hope that he won't be too matted when I get back from my vacation.
There has been news on that front too, but before I go into details, I will wait and see what develops further.
Bright and early tomorrow morning, it is off into the wild blue yonder LOL.  Still much to do before, this trip and the other trip.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Lucy has a new home or will have soon

Been awhile since I have posted, either been busy or just plain old lazy and tired from being busy.
I have found Lucy an new home.  She will be going on a long trip, which I hope she will do fine on.  I will be taking her to Great Falls Montana this weekend and passing her to her new "Mom", and they are taking her all the way to Omaha Nebraska.  So she goes from an Canadian Ragdoll to an American Ragdoll. Almost a movie or a song title there lol.  I think she will be well loved and an only kitty.  The emails back and forth have been very positive and the new mom has had a Ragdoll before.
Then once I get back on Sunday, I only have a week to get ready for my trip to Cape Breton for my lovely niece's wedding.  My stay has been extended as DH was able to get some time off, but five days after I arrive and 5 days after I leave. Now I will be there 15 days.  I am still hoping to get some thank you cards and a couple of baby congrats cards made in the mean time.  I did make one for my daughter, she had to put her 16 year old cat down the Friday before last.  I finally made a thank you card for the vets office from Freya.

It's a little blurry, used my iphone and sometimes I shake just a little too much.  I'll post the other once I have it off my camera.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

40 Best Age-Erasing Superfoods

40 Best Age-Erasing Superfoods

found this link through Jillian Micheals, she is starting to get the right idea, so one would think with Jillian and Tosca Reno, I would be able to get myself eating and exercising. I think what I need it a super hunky personal trainer.  My mojo for working out and eating well, just isn't working.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day this Sunday

With all good intentions to make a card for my dad and my hubby it hasn't happened yet.  Now hubbies I can still get to before Sunday, my dad should have been mailed Monday.  I am just not feeling the inspiration.  I took a copic colouring course on Tuesday night. Boy do I have a lot to learn, it sure isn't how I learned to colour in grade one.
Still in the process of looking for a new home for Lucy (see picture top of blog).  Sadly I just cannot get her and Katie to get along. I have tried everything save pouring tuna juice on both and locking them in a small room.  Lucy is a wonderful girl, who is just now coming out of her shell.  She is a slow adjuster.  The kittens no longer look like kittens, Freyr is as big as Lucy, bigger than Katie. What a big old goof he is too.  Freya, she is a trouble maker, so quick and fast.

I tried to do some spring cleaning last weekend, as well as get the community garden planted.
I got some plants in green peppers, a jalapeƱo, a few tomato as well as cucumber and squash.  Some how ended up with 4 cabbage plants.  It has rained all week, I will have to check on them tomorrow sometime after the washer repair person comes.

That leads to the reason I stopped cleaning or a least the spring cleaning part.  I have a garden door for a back door, and it has a curtain (south facing gets very hot ).  Now this curtain can be and has been washed before.  I don't know if I took it apart wrong or what, but there was one rod I couldn't figure how to get out, all the rest where plastic so what the heck I through it into the washer on gentle cycle. I go to retrieve it and the "metal" yes "metal rod" punctured holes in my rubber on my front load washer.  I was very unhappy.  I phoned Sears to have them come and repair it. Was told Thursday, and I should get a call with a smaller window of time on Wednesday. I make arrangements time off on Thursday.  Wednesday no phone call or messages. Long story short, after many phone calls to Sears and a unplanned day off.  The repair person should be hear tomorrow. Grrrr.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bedroom updating

The hardwood was installed yesterday
I think it looks awesome.  Now that the room is bare, I see (as if I didn't know) needs paint. As well as new closet doors and while we are at it, new electrical covers and curtains.  I am hoping for something tranquil and serene. So now I am playing with colour choices.  Basically I have a bare slate (canvass).  I will have to look for inspiration, but I am most certainly not a designer and have an awful eye for coordinating colours.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everyone east of here is complaining about the heat but where is ours?

Long weekend, so glad I don't do camping.  At least not this early in the season. brrrr.  It was 3 degrees in Edmonton this weekend.
Went up with DS to see hubby and to attend a benefit for a good friend of ours.  His wife is hubby's cousin and DD godmother.  He has been diagnosed with cancer. Not sure what kind but do know it has spread pretty much everywhere. He is so young.  Sometimes you wonder why things happen to good people.  The benefit was wonderful, considering the reason.  We raised just over $5,000 for him and his family.  Both him and his wife seem to be in good spirits and taking it one day at a time. What else can you do?  It does put a lot of things into perceptive.

I did get three cards made but the pictures are still on the camera.  I will upload them tonight as I have to email pictures I took of my Mom's china and treasures for an auction house to see if they are worth auctioning or just donating to goodwill.
Short week, but again a long list of to do's.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The sun is shinning and things are settling down

Yesterday, my BIL and sister got my Mom settled into her new place in a lodge.  I went and set her computer up, just waiting for the cable guy to set up the internet and phone.  I think she will like it there. I am heading up after work (stopping to pick cat and dog food up).  Then on to home.  Depending on how tired I am as to what will be done there. 
I am hoping to get her a "New Home" card done.  I will need at least one more of these this month.  I can't believe my youngest has bought his first home.
Hoping DH will be home this weekend, maybe he can help me with the yard work and get the square foot garden set up on the community garden site. 
The weekend weather is suppose to be sunny and hot. I need that Vit D.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cat Fun House;not so fun

A picture of little Freya, in the Cat fun tent and the cone of shame.
This is a tent to keep your cats from getting into trouble outside. Don't think it was much fun for Freya last month.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Freya is out of quarantine Whoo hoo

She still has to be confined and where the cone when I am not home, for another week.  Then she can be FREE.  Going to look at Lodges with my Mom and sister tomorrow.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Beltane Begins tonight; New goals

I should do something to thank the gods and goddess for the help they have blessed me with this month of trying times. I am hoping the coming months will be easier flowing.
My Mother is on the mend, doing very well.  She has agreed to go into a Lodge (not quite assisted living yet).  We will be looking at places this week.
Freya seems to be on the mend as well, I am taking her for a check up tomorrow and see if we can let her have some freedom.
As side from the normal spring snow storms, spring seems to be on it's way. Tomorrow is also the first day of the community garden clean up. I won't plant until after the May long weekend, we might get one more dump of the white stuff around then.  I will have to do some planning on what I would like to plant.

I have decided that starting May 1, I am going to put my health at the front of the list. Not that I am sick, but I want to get into shape.  I am not over weight for my age, but all my clothes are tight.  There is a wedding in August, I would like to be back down to 130lbs and fairly buff.  I can do this I have 3 months.
The other goals I have are to start saving money. After looking at our taxes and our actual incomes, there is not a reason in the world why we are living pay cheque to pay cheque.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An experiment of sorts; Practice placing pictures

Going to try different photos that are sitting on my work computer to see if I can place them where I want.

First is a picture taken before Freya's unfortunate hernia.

Now here is one of Katie, she is our oldest cat. She is about 10 - 11 years.

 I think I might have solved some of the problems with going to the new editing lol. Still quite a bit of white space but at least I can move the pictures. So here is one of my favourites of Freyr, it was taken the first day I brought him home.
Isn't he just the cutest. He has gotten darker since then. He is so bad right now, because he can't play with his sister.  He is bullying Lucy , Katie and Mac (the American Eskie).

Hmmm I wonder if I can try to post a card as well.....

Well it seems links to facebook are out, so I will do it another time.
Thanks for peeking; leave a comment

Monday, April 26, 2010

Short Update

Busy, busy, it's what happens when you work for accountants and it'd the end of April. Freya spend all of last week being held hostage by the vet. The assistants, I think wanted to keep her. She is now home once again, still has the cone of shame on and in the cat "tent" quarantined. The little devil did jump twice so far this weekend. I do pray to the spirits that she doesn't injure herself again.
This week will be the family meeting with the doctors and caregivers at the Carewest to see what the future will be for my Mom. My brother will be here as well as my sister who just lives a few hours away. Not sure what they will suggest. We kids are honestly hoping that she must go into assisted living, as that will be the only way we will get her to go voluntarily.

On a note of good news DS is very close to owning his first home and I can't wait. The space I will have in my small townhouse. Although DD is moving back from Ottawa to finish her degree. I am not sure how much of her stuff she will bring back with her or how she is getting back.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Should have bought pet insurance

Poor Freya, another operation on Friday for a hernia. Took her into the emergency Vet today, X-rays couldn't tell other than the abdominal wall has a anomaly. So tomorrow back to her regular vet. The emergency vet felt she was stable and not in need of surgery yet.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Add better

Took Freya into the vet's once again today. She has a hernia, now. They will operate on her today. If anyone reads this blog please keep good thoughts for her. I fed her this morning, not thinking they would have to operate on her. Poor kitten, she is having a rough time. Her brother is going to be sad as well, as he will have a longer wait to play with her. I am glad the cat fun tents arrived last week. I will be using the one as a safe place for her. I am thinking that I will put the litter in there as well and leave her in there during the day while I work, so she can't do any jumping on anything.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And it keeps getting better

Freyr and Freya had their spay and neturing last Friday. Poor Freya, she did too much and ended up with bruising. Poor baby. Her brother Freyr is none to happy about not being able to play with her and being kept from the bed at night. He out weighs her by quite a bit so it is necessary.
Trying to get all the papers together for taxes, what a pain. Every year I say I will be better prepared but I am so far behind this year and can't find some papers.

I did get my daughters card made and sent to her on time for her birthday. The pictures I took don't do it justice it looked much nicer in person

I don't know how to move the pictures to where I want them. I find blogger a bit frustrating to use. Any suggestions are welcome

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a 7day Period

April has just begun and already it has been eventful and not in a good way. First on Thursday before Good Friday, my Mom had a fall at the grocery store. She fell backwards and hit her head on the floor quite hard. The EMS took her home. When I got home from work she called and said she was feeling dizzy and could barely walk. I rushed over there called 911 EMS came and checked her out. They felt she could stay at home as long as someone was there rather then wait 8 hours in emergency. Well fine I would spend the night. Then just before midnight she began to vomit. Finally, early morning I called 911 again and this time we went to emergency. They did do a cat scan and stuff. They decided she has a concussion. She still couldn't walk on her own and was very dizzy. After about 9 hours there (all of Good Friday) We ended up getting her in a transition bed for about a month, with hopes that she will be able to go back to her condo.

Then this past Wednesday morning, I get a call from my hubby, he and my son, his brother and nephew had been rear-ended. They were all in the hospital getting checked out. No broken bones but lots of neck and back injuries. My son and husband were taken to the small hospital in Fort Saskatchewan, so no CT was done on my son, who has had a previous brain injury.
I don't know about the guy that hit them, I do know that they air lifted him out. The boys were at a stop light and this guy never slowed down or stopped. Very blessed that no one was more seriously injured. However Jordan is quite a bit of pain and because he hit his head on the steering wheel and his jaw is very sore (severe pain even chewing or yawning). He has gone to emergency tonight as waiting for Monday seems a long time away.

On top of al this the kittens had their spay and neture on Friday. To say I am a little stressed is an understatement.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am easily distracted

Been over a month since last blog. I did say I wouldn't be blogging daily LOL. Heck not even monthly it would seem. Nothing happening, so nothing to blog I guess. I did make a few cards but haven't loaded the pictures yet.
Lucy is doing a bit better, she at least comes out of the "room" but her and Katie have been fighting. Tonight Lucy's nose got cut, I hope it will be okay. Well the bathroom await a cleaning and then hopeful an early night.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Interesting Month, Rather Glad it is Almost Over

For a short month, this has been a long month. Good news the smell is out of the couch, the other cats have even slept on that cushion. FYI I use Urine Off, awesome product. We are also implementing a product called Feliway which is a cat pheromone. I got it from my vet but I see that Petsmart carries it as well. Lucy still is in "her" room most of the time, but I can leave the door open and the kittens run in and out. She will venture out of the room and come to the kitchen. I have ordered more of the Feliway and will put it in the living room or my bedroom and hopefully start to leave her door open all night. I am still leery of her marking, but have more of the Urine Off .

On February 6, a bunch of us girls got together and had a Stampin Up party. We made 5 cards each. A few of the girls had never done stamps or cards. It was a blast. I must say, that these cards and the things I have made at the Bigshot club have been the only things I have made this month. March will be better! I hope to have the room for cardmaking and stamping set up and make at least one a week. I had ordered the card a month (or something like that) from Annie's Attic, but the shipping here to Canada was almost as much as the kit, so I cancelled it. I do have two kits to make.

Last weekend my debit card was comprised, so this week was the added hassle of getting a new card and new pin number. At least my money was returned to my account very fast. I was impressed with my banks handling of the situation. My vet was very nice about it as well. NO he was not involved, but I had the Freyr and Freya's last set of kitten shots the day after the money was taken ( I was down to my last dollars) I will have to go in and pay him next week, when I pick up the Feliway.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday; a day in bed

Not really by choice, weather change of some sorts on it's way. Woke up with a pounding headache, followed by nausea ie migraine. Took some Tylenol and went back to bed, slept until 6 the poor kittens were starving by then. I did feed them when I was up taking tylenol. All the plans I had for the day were shot. So more added to my plate this week. Still working on getting the smell out of the couch. I have given up on the cushions and am hoping to take them into the drycleaners and that they can "fix" them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Animal Problems Tonight

It would seem today is a day of the lovely animals driving me crazy. Not really any fault of theirs. The dog is just needing a good walk, it has been a couple of days since the "exercise, discipline and affection. Lucy, whose lovely picture is posted here, decided to pee on my couch. Thank the goddess it was the old couch and not the new lazy boy. I am not sure whether it is behavioural or she is not well. She did up chuck as well, so I will call the vet tomorrow and get her checked to make sure. In the mean time she is back in "her" room.
The kittens are kittens and just into everything. I am afraid they will try to pee where Lucy did. I did the lemon juice, vinegar and dish soap, then sprinkled baking soda. I can still smell it.
Hmm MacLeod (American Eskimo) has decided besides going in and out 30 times this evening a cat toy needs to be killed.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Blog

I guess I will be blogging LOL. I am not going to be a daily blogger, but I will blog when I think about it. Perhaps, I will learn to blog and post pictures of my new hobby, making cards and crocheting. Now that the kids (human) are gone and hubby works away, I am empty nesting. I have currently become the crazy cat lady LOL.
In December I became the proud mama of 2 pure bred Ragdoll kittens. I am thinking I should be blogging about their antics. Today Freyr (our little male) decided he would like to take a shower with me. Poor little guy. Don't think he will do that again. Freya, the female kitten jumped into the tub after the shower, she has done this on a few occasions. I think she likes the wet tub.