Sunday, April 18, 2010

Should have bought pet insurance

Poor Freya, another operation on Friday for a hernia. Took her into the emergency Vet today, X-rays couldn't tell other than the abdominal wall has a anomaly. So tomorrow back to her regular vet. The emergency vet felt she was stable and not in need of surgery yet.

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Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks so much for the lovely comments you left on my Blog - it was a great way to start my day here in Australia :-)
Hope Freya will be OK and won't need any more surgery (you need deep pockets for vet bills don't you?!). And hope that your Mum is OK now and over her concussion. It's so stressful when a hundred things seem to happen all at once - like you just don't get a break - so I am sending you lots of happy wishes from all the way over here that everything will settle down and you can relax & post some more cards very soon.

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I'm only new at this too but hope this might help you a little :-)