Friday, February 26, 2010

Interesting Month, Rather Glad it is Almost Over

For a short month, this has been a long month. Good news the smell is out of the couch, the other cats have even slept on that cushion. FYI I use Urine Off, awesome product. We are also implementing a product called Feliway which is a cat pheromone. I got it from my vet but I see that Petsmart carries it as well. Lucy still is in "her" room most of the time, but I can leave the door open and the kittens run in and out. She will venture out of the room and come to the kitchen. I have ordered more of the Feliway and will put it in the living room or my bedroom and hopefully start to leave her door open all night. I am still leery of her marking, but have more of the Urine Off .

On February 6, a bunch of us girls got together and had a Stampin Up party. We made 5 cards each. A few of the girls had never done stamps or cards. It was a blast. I must say, that these cards and the things I have made at the Bigshot club have been the only things I have made this month. March will be better! I hope to have the room for cardmaking and stamping set up and make at least one a week. I had ordered the card a month (or something like that) from Annie's Attic, but the shipping here to Canada was almost as much as the kit, so I cancelled it. I do have two kits to make.

Last weekend my debit card was comprised, so this week was the added hassle of getting a new card and new pin number. At least my money was returned to my account very fast. I was impressed with my banks handling of the situation. My vet was very nice about it as well. NO he was not involved, but I had the Freyr and Freya's last set of kitten shots the day after the money was taken ( I was down to my last dollars) I will have to go in and pay him next week, when I pick up the Feliway.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday; a day in bed

Not really by choice, weather change of some sorts on it's way. Woke up with a pounding headache, followed by nausea ie migraine. Took some Tylenol and went back to bed, slept until 6 the poor kittens were starving by then. I did feed them when I was up taking tylenol. All the plans I had for the day were shot. So more added to my plate this week. Still working on getting the smell out of the couch. I have given up on the cushions and am hoping to take them into the drycleaners and that they can "fix" them.