Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Animal Problems Tonight

It would seem today is a day of the lovely animals driving me crazy. Not really any fault of theirs. The dog is just needing a good walk, it has been a couple of days since the "exercise, discipline and affection. Lucy, whose lovely picture is posted here, decided to pee on my couch. Thank the goddess it was the old couch and not the new lazy boy. I am not sure whether it is behavioural or she is not well. She did up chuck as well, so I will call the vet tomorrow and get her checked to make sure. In the mean time she is back in "her" room.
The kittens are kittens and just into everything. I am afraid they will try to pee where Lucy did. I did the lemon juice, vinegar and dish soap, then sprinkled baking soda. I can still smell it.
Hmm MacLeod (American Eskimo) has decided besides going in and out 30 times this evening a cat toy needs to be killed.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Blog

I guess I will be blogging LOL. I am not going to be a daily blogger, but I will blog when I think about it. Perhaps, I will learn to blog and post pictures of my new hobby, making cards and crocheting. Now that the kids (human) are gone and hubby works away, I am empty nesting. I have currently become the crazy cat lady LOL.
In December I became the proud mama of 2 pure bred Ragdoll kittens. I am thinking I should be blogging about their antics. Today Freyr (our little male) decided he would like to take a shower with me. Poor little guy. Don't think he will do that again. Freya, the female kitten jumped into the tub after the shower, she has done this on a few occasions. I think she likes the wet tub.