Friday, July 27, 2012

Things starting to go back to Normal

What ever normal is:

Spent time getting things ready for Sheena and Irene's visit.
June and July - enjoyed the visit and miss them terribly
now comes the reorganization of rooms, pictures and hopefully some album and cardmaking done.
So many babies this year - On my side we welcomed Declan and on hubby's side Khaleesi, and another boy will be born in November.

No new kittens for me, at least not for a while - hubby is just starting another new job, see how he likes this one. He also thinks we have enough, well I guess 5 cats is really enough, but I would so love a Flame Ragdoll.  You never know what can happen. I am trying to change my way of thinking

"Talk about your 
more than you talk about your

Just a quick photo of Irene waking up from her nap with Freyr.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yep only blogging to look for credits for Zino mags lol
I like reading the mags on my iPad - not so much the set up for the computer.  I believe you can also use the app on the kindle and smart phones as well.

Hopefully back to some regular blogging soon.  I need to post all about little miss Irene's visit to Gandma and Grandpa.  Sure do miss that little girls smiles