Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick Post from Airport

We got here early to avoid traffic on Deerfoot and because I had nothing but computer problems last night.  One of 4 computers could access our wireless.  The printer, which is wireless had not be setup for the new password on the router.  Then discovered that couldn't use that password on the printer. So boarding passes were not printed, but passwords and router were almost all reset.  I think just my old Ruby (dell laptop) will have to be reset once I am home again.
I am excited to see the girls again, one will find out if it's a boy or girl.  I am also wanting to get some crafty crafting done when I get home.  I am making the craft room my priority.  I need to do this for my sanity and in case I have 50 save the date cards to get out before the end of February. Shhh though, it's not official yet.  I'll post as soon as I can once it is official.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost the end of the Month :0

Oh what happened to this month, oh yeah, I spent it being too lazy.  I wonder if I can get DS birthday card done before I head to Ottawa tomorrow. I have an idea it is just getting the supplies together. He will be back in Calgary when we get back.
I did raid my stash for a couple of other cards.
I did not get the baby card done, oops, baby is now over a month old.
I have been hit and miss on the exercise too.
February is a new month; try again lol
I am excited to see my darling daughter, we might have a surprise this weekend, not telling, but will post if things happen.
I will be glad to meet the "love of her life"
I will also get to see hubby's nieces, these girls lived with me for awhile so they feel like my daughters from another mother.  The oldest is two days older then DD and she is expecting her first baby in June.
Looks like this will be another busy year with babies and weddings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

25 minutes on the Treadmill Last Night

I got started ....
Was shooting for 30 minutes, while I caught up on V, but at the 25 min mark for some reason I had to hit pause, but missed and hit the power button. At that point I said enough.  Tonight will be 30 for sure.
Made a awesome dinner of baked sole and sweet potato and parsnip fries.  Now if I only could get rid of this salty taste in my mouth, food would taste better.  Dentist said it could be gum disease.  I think it got bad after I lost the charger on my good sonic toothbrush while renovating. I gave up and bought a new Oral B last night.  I also will make a Dr appointment, just to make sure it is not a nasal thing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like my new look for the blog?

I think I am liking the new look, ended up having to go backwards from the new blogger designs themselves.  I do hope some of the blogg designers out there, learn to use the new designer.  I am slowly figuring out how to put links on the side as well, but only have so much room lol.
Still have not made a card. I guess I am a work in progress too.  I just realized my list of cards to get out is getting longer. I think for a few I will use my stash.  I have an idea for my son's so I will do that one before I leave for Ottawa.
Just a week and a day before we go see our daughter. I do so miss her. I might have exciting news when I get back from there.

Tonight I hope to do at least 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I played Dance Central for the Xbox Kinect, had a blast, I still suck at dancing but it did give me some cardio.  Gotta do something I have not lost any weight yet and hubby is down 6lbs (I think he is eating better and his metabolism is starting to work).
Oh well, better get back to work. Hopefully I will have a card to post before I go to Ottawa.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet « Sea and be Scene

Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet « Sea and be Scene
This is an interview with my nephew and his wife, who run a gluten free, bakery in Nova Scotia. They won the award for Best New Business from the Bridgewater & Area Chamber of Commerce this fall. Way to go Aidan and Jen!

Thursday of a very unproductive week

Yikes, it's Thursday already and nothing done at all.
No cards
no cleaning
no de-junking
no exercise either.
Really there is no excuse, except I am tired, tired tired!
Dentist appointment for Saturday, I think I have an infected wisdom tooth. Yeah I still have a couple of wisdom teeth. The dentist wanted to get them out last year and one had a cavity.  I hate the dentist at any given time, but to pull teeth and then there is the fear of complications one hears with wisdom teeth.  I am no spring chicken any more.  Sadly my dentist doesn't do sedation.  He is a great dentist. Right now with hubby not working, I am a little concerned about the price as well.
A little slow at work this week, which doesn't help.  Hubby is lazy too, he needs to get back to work as well.
Lots of new releases from Stamp companies and sneak peeks at the CHA stuff
Have you seen the new  Tim Holtz  dies, oh my....  and the new Webster Pages
Oh and ScrappinGreat Deals has an awesome sale on Spellbinders 25% off until January 16.
I wish I could do some ordering, but I am suppose to be on a spending freeze especially if I haven't made a card since before Christmas.
Today is a new day. I will get something accomplished. Even if is to write in the journal I bought for the new year.
I haven't posted any cat pictures in a bit so here is some Kitty cuteness.
Freyr hiding in the shelving 

Freya helping with the Christmas cards

Monday, January 10, 2011

Still Playing with the Blog Design

What a lazy weekend, I think I got some laundry done.  Wind and blowing snow, just stayed indoors, got up on Dr Who,  play on FB and messed some more with the blog design.  What do you think?  It needs more work, I still want back ground pictures and some of the widgets need either to go or be adjusted on size (don't know how to do that).  I should have clean the craft/office room (bad me). Oh and start on those wants for the New Year.  I think that I will have to limit computer time as well as TV time.

Treadmill is being moved downstairs today. Finally it will be set up and usable.  Tonight starts my exercise program.  I am going to see if my son will set the Wii up down there as well.  All the exercise equipment is down there, I just hope I can keep it warm enough - oh yeah exercise should keep me warm lol.

Hubby will be watching football tonight, so maybe I can at least start the craft/office.  Then slowly make a dent in my long to do list, including a baby card.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Yeah, I'm a few days behind. Back to the usual grind now. Sure miss those lazy days, not that I got much done. I did get some needed rest, but the last couple of nights, not much sleep courtesy  of hot flashes. Today I am wiped.  I have no cards at all. The craft room wasn't even started to get clean or organized. I did get my bedroom clean, except hubby's side of the bed.
So New Years resolutions, not so much resolutions, just things I would like to do.
Lose 10 - 15lbs, mostly exercise daily and eat "clean" The Eat Clean Diet
Take part in a challenge (card making) once a week
Try a new card making technique at least twice a month
Take more pictures (learn to use my camera), along with this take good pictures of my cards
read more books
Watch less TV

I am stopping there, before I get overwhelmed.