Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday of a very unproductive week

Yikes, it's Thursday already and nothing done at all.
No cards
no cleaning
no de-junking
no exercise either.
Really there is no excuse, except I am tired, tired tired!
Dentist appointment for Saturday, I think I have an infected wisdom tooth. Yeah I still have a couple of wisdom teeth. The dentist wanted to get them out last year and one had a cavity.  I hate the dentist at any given time, but to pull teeth and then there is the fear of complications one hears with wisdom teeth.  I am no spring chicken any more.  Sadly my dentist doesn't do sedation.  He is a great dentist. Right now with hubby not working, I am a little concerned about the price as well.
A little slow at work this week, which doesn't help.  Hubby is lazy too, he needs to get back to work as well.
Lots of new releases from Stamp companies and sneak peeks at the CHA stuff
Have you seen the new  Tim Holtz  dies, oh my....  and the new Webster Pages
Oh and ScrappinGreat Deals has an awesome sale on Spellbinders 25% off until January 16.
I wish I could do some ordering, but I am suppose to be on a spending freeze especially if I haven't made a card since before Christmas.
Today is a new day. I will get something accomplished. Even if is to write in the journal I bought for the new year.
I haven't posted any cat pictures in a bit so here is some Kitty cuteness.
Freyr hiding in the shelving 

Freya helping with the Christmas cards

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