Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

Yeah, I'm a few days behind. Back to the usual grind now. Sure miss those lazy days, not that I got much done. I did get some needed rest, but the last couple of nights, not much sleep courtesy  of hot flashes. Today I am wiped.  I have no cards at all. The craft room wasn't even started to get clean or organized. I did get my bedroom clean, except hubby's side of the bed.
So New Years resolutions, not so much resolutions, just things I would like to do.
Lose 10 - 15lbs, mostly exercise daily and eat "clean" The Eat Clean Diet
Take part in a challenge (card making) once a week
Try a new card making technique at least twice a month
Take more pictures (learn to use my camera), along with this take good pictures of my cards
read more books
Watch less TV

I am stopping there, before I get overwhelmed. 

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