Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21 Mabon is upon us already

Been a while since my last blog; no excuses except laziness, can't even blame that on the lazy days of summer; Cause we didn't get one!
Lucy made it to her new momma with no problems, she was actually an awesome traveller. She is loving her new home and they are loving her.
Things have settle down with the other three.  I have even caught Katie playing (yes playing) with the kittens.  Although  they are 11 months now and Freyr is about 12lbs.
We have painted almost the whole house except for 3 rooms.  I am waiting on the fellows to deliver the wood for the floor. We are putting hardwood on the main floors.  I am hoping that project will be done by the middle of October. I will then be spending the winter de cluttering the house.

My craft room looks like a tornado went through it. Need to at least make room to do some crafting. The list for organizing is too long. So I am making a job jar to break it into manageable tasks. Will post later about my awesome vacation and what happen.