Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everyone east of here is complaining about the heat but where is ours?

Long weekend, so glad I don't do camping.  At least not this early in the season. brrrr.  It was 3 degrees in Edmonton this weekend.
Went up with DS to see hubby and to attend a benefit for a good friend of ours.  His wife is hubby's cousin and DD godmother.  He has been diagnosed with cancer. Not sure what kind but do know it has spread pretty much everywhere. He is so young.  Sometimes you wonder why things happen to good people.  The benefit was wonderful, considering the reason.  We raised just over $5,000 for him and his family.  Both him and his wife seem to be in good spirits and taking it one day at a time. What else can you do?  It does put a lot of things into perceptive.

I did get three cards made but the pictures are still on the camera.  I will upload them tonight as I have to email pictures I took of my Mom's china and treasures for an auction house to see if they are worth auctioning or just donating to goodwill.
Short week, but again a long list of to do's.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The sun is shinning and things are settling down

Yesterday, my BIL and sister got my Mom settled into her new place in a lodge.  I went and set her computer up, just waiting for the cable guy to set up the internet and phone.  I think she will like it there. I am heading up after work (stopping to pick cat and dog food up).  Then on to home.  Depending on how tired I am as to what will be done there. 
I am hoping to get her a "New Home" card done.  I will need at least one more of these this month.  I can't believe my youngest has bought his first home.
Hoping DH will be home this weekend, maybe he can help me with the yard work and get the square foot garden set up on the community garden site. 
The weekend weather is suppose to be sunny and hot. I need that Vit D.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cat Fun House;not so fun

A picture of little Freya, in the Cat fun tent and the cone of shame.
This is a tent to keep your cats from getting into trouble outside. Don't think it was much fun for Freya last month.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Freya is out of quarantine Whoo hoo

She still has to be confined and where the cone when I am not home, for another week.  Then she can be FREE.  Going to look at Lodges with my Mom and sister tomorrow.