Friday, October 12, 2012

Webster's Home: Introducing {Best Friends Digital}

Webster's Home: Introducing {Best Friends Digital}

Oh my oh my  Webster's beautiful scrapbooking and cardmaking has digital papers and embellishments too and YOU CAN WIN this awesomely beautiful set

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last post was .............................

Yeah I know, I am letting life get me down.  Irene and Sheena are home and on with their lives.  I miss them so much. Little Irene is walking around on furniture already.  She is just passed 7 months.  Learning something new everyday.  She can wave now, so sweet to see her eyes lite up when she see me on the computer.  Have to figure out a way to see her at Christmas.  I am hoping to make her a first Christmas/Yule ornament, but heck I haven't even done the T-shirts for her.  I have tons of cut files and the heat transfer vinyl ready to go - just no ambition.

Irene and Eddy 6 month picture and she has grown since then.

I ended up with a nasty cold in September, then aspirated on some juice, which has had me with lungs that don't hold as much air as they should.  Sure makes a person tired not being able to breath.

We did add to the Raggie family again.  Not sure if I mentioned before how I was in love with Flame Ragdolls, so beautiful.  Then in May my breeder had a tortie and a mitt Flame in a litter.  I wanted another girls (noticed the "want"  )  Hubby was not on board for getting another kitty.  I asked around and it seems that female Flames or Cremes are rare, so I pretty much gave up. This red kitten at my breeders was just not having luck getting placed.  I talked to hubby about him again in September, he said NO.  On one of his weekends home, I showed him some pictures of the fellow (he is not little) and still the answer was No.  By this time at least 3 homes had fallen through for some reason or another.  Hubby phones me once he is back at work and asks "is the fellow still available?"  I am thinking he thought he would be spoken for lol. Nope and now that fellow is at my house, still without a name but he is mine.

This is a picture the breeder took a couple of weeks ago, just before he came home.  Little stinker is a typical kitten and hard to get him to hold still long enough to take a good picture. lol  Good size boy 4.5 months and 8lbs.

Best one I have of him home at the moment, taken with my iPad so the quality is not the best.

Current - just before the new one arrived of the Hooligans - notice the open spot for the new fellow.

Introductions are coming along.  Katie and MonAime are throwing hissy and growling fits, the rest are pretty nonchalant about it.  Have to watch Freyr that he doesn't smother him with love lol or try to dominant him.    Although I am pretty sure he can hold his own.  Pretty secure with himself.

Not making any promises of posting more often, but I can always try.  I do have a few card pictures to upload. Next week maybe ........