Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is it just me?

I use facebook, love it to keep in touch. Now I have nothing against religion, but all this posting religious stuff in your status on facebook really. I believe it is mostly Christians that do this, I have friend who are not and I don't see them spamming me (I really think it is spamming) with their religious views.  One cousin-in-law used Halloween to give out religious propaganda. Wow Christians have take all the pagan holidays now they are trying to take this  as well! Believe what you will, but don't preach to everyone.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sneaking in a Post

quiet of the morning at work, but lots to do before month end.  DH should be home tonight, he called last night and was saying what a job cleaning out and up the apartment was.  Glad he knows now, how many times have I done that lol.
Then he is off to Ontario to see his brother, DD and her BF will take the train to meet them. So he gets to meet this BF before I do.  I do hope BF is up to the MacIsaac boys. The teasing and picking on will begin as soon as they arrive.
Hubby is thinking it maybe a bit before the next job, so I better be prepared to cut back.  Funny, it's not me that spends money, except on the cats and stamping.  Still, I am the one with the high credit cards, I used them for our vacation and things for the house, but I am paying them off.  Whatever! I will get them gone.  We will just have a quiet holiday season and keep the gift giving inexpensive and from the heart.
That of course means I had better start making things. First though is the cleaning of our basement, putting the living room back together and my craft/computer room.  Then there will be the stuff in our DS garage from the Edmonton apartment.
One thing at a time..................

Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally some card making!

Yesterday, I spend the morning catching up with my silly FB games. Then off to Wally world for cat litter. Some how I spent almost $100 there. Then I spent the afternoon hauling card making supplies down to the kitchen (see previous posts as to why).  Made my Dad his birthday card, it turned out very nice.

Used Tim Holtz Wild Honey distress ink on a printed old map, then sprayed with water. I love this colour.
This is my first gate card by myself.
The paper is I think Stampin Up Expresso?
and some cheap staples white.
The stamps are from Flourishes, Guiding Light, I love this set.  I have so many people who love sail boats and light houses in my life.
Oh yes I used nesties the deckled rectangles.

I then spent some time stamping images for my Ottawa girls (DD's two cousins are living there as well) Sadly they will not get the Halloween images before Samhain. I will do better with the Christmas images.

The second card I didn't take a picture yet, I am not pleased on how it turned out. I rushed it as it was getting late and I was tired.
Of course I had to spend another hour putting everything back into the hoarding room.
DH is moving back home today. Oh Dear more hoarding stuff. Then he is off to visit his brother in Ontario for a few days.  I do hope when he gets back we can begin to get the house in order.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh my more time gone..............

More time has past, not sure I get this blogging lol. The floors are almost complete, just end caps on stairs and baseboards.  Looks grand. I'll post pictures (yeah sure) I still have not posted the holiday pictures.

DH will be home for a few days again, maybe longer, his job in E town is over and he is just waiting on news about more.  I have not been able to make cards because of the mess in my craft room.  It only looks like a scene from Hoarders.  Goal over the next couple of weeks is to organize.
Here are the before pictures.

Freya had to get in the picture too lol

Now for the FLOOR
 Isn't this just gorgeous, you get a peek at the new  colours in my living room too.