Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sneaking in a Post

quiet of the morning at work, but lots to do before month end.  DH should be home tonight, he called last night and was saying what a job cleaning out and up the apartment was.  Glad he knows now, how many times have I done that lol.
Then he is off to Ontario to see his brother, DD and her BF will take the train to meet them. So he gets to meet this BF before I do.  I do hope BF is up to the MacIsaac boys. The teasing and picking on will begin as soon as they arrive.
Hubby is thinking it maybe a bit before the next job, so I better be prepared to cut back.  Funny, it's not me that spends money, except on the cats and stamping.  Still, I am the one with the high credit cards, I used them for our vacation and things for the house, but I am paying them off.  Whatever! I will get them gone.  We will just have a quiet holiday season and keep the gift giving inexpensive and from the heart.
That of course means I had better start making things. First though is the cleaning of our basement, putting the living room back together and my craft/computer room.  Then there will be the stuff in our DS garage from the Edmonton apartment.
One thing at a time..................

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