Monday, February 28, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing with the blog again

Finally figured out how to do decent watermarks for my pictures, now slowly switching them out.  I know that won't work on all. It is a start.
Got the rest of the save the dates printed out. DH should be home tomorrow to help cut them.  I want them out on Monday.
DH headed to Edmonton for a job interview on Friday and a visit with a dying friend.
I have been watching a Hoarders marathon, so now I have to clean lol.
I got the upstairs bedroom (cat room), mostly done, still have the bedding on the bed to wash.  Floors are mostly done. Living room will have to be done tomorrow.
Nothing else to post so how about cat pictures.  I took these of Sheena's kitties.

Earl Grey of Turnip
Yeah he has a long name, lol, Earl for short

I am still figuring out the watermarks. I thought I could save the format, but I guess not

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oops, and waiting game

Well I got 40 save the dates done, the way I like them, they turned out awesome.  I will post picture later, actually have to take a couple on a real camera not the iphone lol.
When I did up the template, I messed up the measurement for the bottom or 3rd on the page.  I ended up with on 2 per page.  I also didn't like the way the plain cardstock, even with pearl mist turned out.  The post office said those would also have to be attached to another piece of cardstock to make through the mail.  I finally ordered some more of the metallic cardstock  (worldwin papers, elan_metallics.) it's the champagne colour. So now waiting on the the card stock, and the address labels DD was suppose to get to me.  I have the guest list, I love Google Docs lol. I think I will do up some labels at work for those that don't have facebook.  Those on facebook have been invited to the "Save the Date" Event, now weather they know how to view and accept it is another story.
 I have an awesome picture of Freya helping with the Save the Date cards, but I can't seem to save it off my phone. Okay I think I have solved the problem, downloaded an app for that lol.

So here is Freya helping out. You can see a couple finished Save the Dates in front of her.

Here a picture of the Save the Date, I promise I will post better ones, but you get the idea. They went with the old library index cards as Matt is finishing taking his librarian technician  or something like that degree.

And a picture of the happy couple, just after he asked her to marry him.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Save the Dates are ready for printing and distressing

Finally got the layout done, I can fit 3 to a page. Printed out 33 and then tried the shiny cardstock and liked it a lot more. So I guess I am off to Scrapbooker's Paradise at lunch to get more of the shiny cardstock.  I'll see what the kids say about what to do with the non-shiny save the dates.
I will finish printing before leaving work today and then work on the cutting and distressing on the weekend.
The kids also got their Wedding website marked with place holders mattandsheena
They have the venue booked. So after this month we can breath for a little bit. I can play with some ideas for the actual invitations. RSVP etc.
I'll try to post a finished Save the Date later this weekend.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Been very lazy, going to blame it on that flu lol. New start to the week. I got the wording and type set of the Save the Date cards. Just going to try it on the lazer printer at work to see how the smudging goes with the ink and distress inks.  Then to mass print and distress.
When I was in Ottawa, the girls and I got together to do some Valentine card making, Once again phone pictures, so I will up load them under the card tab, once I do the facebook to piccasa switch, then on the blog.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Designing Save the Date cards this weekend

Finally feeling better, that flu or cold knocked me out for most of a week.  Now to get things done.  The kids want to do library index cards for the "save the date" cards.  Matt is a library student, so it seems appropriate.  I think the best bet is to make a 3x5 card and type in my Silhouette, then duplicate it a couple of times and cut as many as I need or do a print and cut, still learning how to work the Silhouette.  Then I'll do some of Tim Holtz distress inks, remember NOT to use water lol.  That doesn't work so well with printer ink. Still working on a design for the invitations and RSVP etc cards.  Sheena is looking at having tartan (MacDonald of Clan Ranald) on her wedding dress. Her Dad wants to wear a kilt. Post more information later

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am going to be Mother of the Bride

Yep our trip to Ottawa was eventful.  Met Daughters boyfriend, very nice person. Spent some time with the nieces. Did a tour of the Mint. Sunday was the Imbolc party, at which Matt purposed to Sheena. Nether one of them can keep a secret, before that we were talking about this event. lol. Any way the date is September 3, 2011, yep that is this September. They are working on the guest list and a proto type of the save the date card. Since Matt is finishing up  school for library technician, we are doing a library reference card.  They will have to be out the end of this month.
This also means I had better step up my get healthy plans. Well off to catch up the emails and google reader, laundry for work tomorrow.