Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am going to be Mother of the Bride

Yep our trip to Ottawa was eventful.  Met Daughters boyfriend, very nice person. Spent some time with the nieces. Did a tour of the Mint. Sunday was the Imbolc party, at which Matt purposed to Sheena. Nether one of them can keep a secret, before that we were talking about this event. lol. Any way the date is September 3, 2011, yep that is this September. They are working on the guest list and a proto type of the save the date card. Since Matt is finishing up  school for library technician, we are doing a library reference card.  They will have to be out the end of this month.
This also means I had better step up my get healthy plans. Well off to catch up the emails and google reader, laundry for work tomorrow.

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