Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing with the blog again

Finally figured out how to do decent watermarks for my pictures, now slowly switching them out.  I know that won't work on all. It is a start.
Got the rest of the save the dates printed out. DH should be home tomorrow to help cut them.  I want them out on Monday.
DH headed to Edmonton for a job interview on Friday and a visit with a dying friend.
I have been watching a Hoarders marathon, so now I have to clean lol.
I got the upstairs bedroom (cat room), mostly done, still have the bedding on the bed to wash.  Floors are mostly done. Living room will have to be done tomorrow.
Nothing else to post so how about cat pictures.  I took these of Sheena's kitties.

Earl Grey of Turnip
Yeah he has a long name, lol, Earl for short

I am still figuring out the watermarks. I thought I could save the format, but I guess not

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