Monday, January 10, 2011

Still Playing with the Blog Design

What a lazy weekend, I think I got some laundry done.  Wind and blowing snow, just stayed indoors, got up on Dr Who,  play on FB and messed some more with the blog design.  What do you think?  It needs more work, I still want back ground pictures and some of the widgets need either to go or be adjusted on size (don't know how to do that).  I should have clean the craft/office room (bad me). Oh and start on those wants for the New Year.  I think that I will have to limit computer time as well as TV time.

Treadmill is being moved downstairs today. Finally it will be set up and usable.  Tonight starts my exercise program.  I am going to see if my son will set the Wii up down there as well.  All the exercise equipment is down there, I just hope I can keep it warm enough - oh yeah exercise should keep me warm lol.

Hubby will be watching football tonight, so maybe I can at least start the craft/office.  Then slowly make a dent in my long to do list, including a baby card.

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