Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Blog

I guess I will be blogging LOL. I am not going to be a daily blogger, but I will blog when I think about it. Perhaps, I will learn to blog and post pictures of my new hobby, making cards and crocheting. Now that the kids (human) are gone and hubby works away, I am empty nesting. I have currently become the crazy cat lady LOL.
In December I became the proud mama of 2 pure bred Ragdoll kittens. I am thinking I should be blogging about their antics. Today Freyr (our little male) decided he would like to take a shower with me. Poor little guy. Don't think he will do that again. Freya, the female kitten jumped into the tub after the shower, she has done this on a few occasions. I think she likes the wet tub.

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