Monday, April 26, 2010

Short Update

Busy, busy, it's what happens when you work for accountants and it'd the end of April. Freya spend all of last week being held hostage by the vet. The assistants, I think wanted to keep her. She is now home once again, still has the cone of shame on and in the cat "tent" quarantined. The little devil did jump twice so far this weekend. I do pray to the spirits that she doesn't injure herself again.
This week will be the family meeting with the doctors and caregivers at the Carewest to see what the future will be for my Mom. My brother will be here as well as my sister who just lives a few hours away. Not sure what they will suggest. We kids are honestly hoping that she must go into assisted living, as that will be the only way we will get her to go voluntarily.

On a note of good news DS is very close to owning his first home and I can't wait. The space I will have in my small townhouse. Although DD is moving back from Ottawa to finish her degree. I am not sure how much of her stuff she will bring back with her or how she is getting back.

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