Friday, April 30, 2010

Beltane Begins tonight; New goals

I should do something to thank the gods and goddess for the help they have blessed me with this month of trying times. I am hoping the coming months will be easier flowing.
My Mother is on the mend, doing very well.  She has agreed to go into a Lodge (not quite assisted living yet).  We will be looking at places this week.
Freya seems to be on the mend as well, I am taking her for a check up tomorrow and see if we can let her have some freedom.
As side from the normal spring snow storms, spring seems to be on it's way. Tomorrow is also the first day of the community garden clean up. I won't plant until after the May long weekend, we might get one more dump of the white stuff around then.  I will have to do some planning on what I would like to plant.

I have decided that starting May 1, I am going to put my health at the front of the list. Not that I am sick, but I want to get into shape.  I am not over weight for my age, but all my clothes are tight.  There is a wedding in August, I would like to be back down to 130lbs and fairly buff.  I can do this I have 3 months.
The other goals I have are to start saving money. After looking at our taxes and our actual incomes, there is not a reason in the world why we are living pay cheque to pay cheque.

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