Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a 7day Period

April has just begun and already it has been eventful and not in a good way. First on Thursday before Good Friday, my Mom had a fall at the grocery store. She fell backwards and hit her head on the floor quite hard. The EMS took her home. When I got home from work she called and said she was feeling dizzy and could barely walk. I rushed over there called 911 EMS came and checked her out. They felt she could stay at home as long as someone was there rather then wait 8 hours in emergency. Well fine I would spend the night. Then just before midnight she began to vomit. Finally, early morning I called 911 again and this time we went to emergency. They did do a cat scan and stuff. They decided she has a concussion. She still couldn't walk on her own and was very dizzy. After about 9 hours there (all of Good Friday) We ended up getting her in a transition bed for about a month, with hopes that she will be able to go back to her condo.

Then this past Wednesday morning, I get a call from my hubby, he and my son, his brother and nephew had been rear-ended. They were all in the hospital getting checked out. No broken bones but lots of neck and back injuries. My son and husband were taken to the small hospital in Fort Saskatchewan, so no CT was done on my son, who has had a previous brain injury.
I don't know about the guy that hit them, I do know that they air lifted him out. The boys were at a stop light and this guy never slowed down or stopped. Very blessed that no one was more seriously injured. However Jordan is quite a bit of pain and because he hit his head on the steering wheel and his jaw is very sore (severe pain even chewing or yawning). He has gone to emergency tonight as waiting for Monday seems a long time away.

On top of al this the kittens had their spay and neture on Friday. To say I am a little stressed is an understatement.

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