Friday, December 17, 2010

Ackkk 8 more days til Christmas !!!!1

Oh Goodness!
Cards still not all out or made for that matter yikes!
Tree still not up! Waiting on hubby to do some magic there and make room for it.  Will stop waiting and do it myself this weekend. Bah humbug to him!
Gifts are bought and gift to dear daughter has been sent and received.  I am going to miss her, first Christmas that we will not all be together.
Baking is not done. Well did shortbreads but they are long gone.
Man I am going to have a busy weekend and I have had a sore throat for a day or so.

I did start the card for Christine's I make card sketch, but ran out of steam before putting it together so it will be late :(
On an up beat note, today is our Christmas lunch for the office.  This year we are going to The Ranche.
We went there last year as well. Only one more week then a week off.  Maybe during that week I can get things organized and have a craft room back.  I can spend time there instead of hauling everything around the house to create.  I wonder if I will find the stuff, that has gone missing.

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