Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday! Ready Set Go....

Well it's Friday, it has been an interesting week. Am I ready to venture off to the US with Lucy?  I sure hope so. I sure hope that she will love her new home. I will miss her.  I discovered something at the vet's last week. Lucy has mats in her fur and not just a few, tons.  I have not had a long haired cat in a very long time and because she was so slow to warm up to me and is not a cuddly kitty, I didn't notice.  I feel so bad, I have been working most of the week trying to get the mats out.  I must say she is the sweetest and most patient cat I have known.  She lay there most of the time and let me slowly and painfully for her work the mats out.  She still has quite a few.  I feel bad about having to hand her over to her new "mommy" with still having mats.   I now know that I will have to be more vigilant with the brushing on Freya and Freyr, especially Freyr, he has similar type of fur as Lucy, and he doesn't like to be cuddled or brushed.  I will next week start to make it a nightly ritual.  I do hope that he won't be too matted when I get back from my vacation.
There has been news on that front too, but before I go into details, I will wait and see what develops further.
Bright and early tomorrow morning, it is off into the wild blue yonder LOL.  Still much to do before, this trip and the other trip.

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