Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day this Sunday

With all good intentions to make a card for my dad and my hubby it hasn't happened yet.  Now hubbies I can still get to before Sunday, my dad should have been mailed Monday.  I am just not feeling the inspiration.  I took a copic colouring course on Tuesday night. Boy do I have a lot to learn, it sure isn't how I learned to colour in grade one.
Still in the process of looking for a new home for Lucy (see picture top of blog).  Sadly I just cannot get her and Katie to get along. I have tried everything save pouring tuna juice on both and locking them in a small room.  Lucy is a wonderful girl, who is just now coming out of her shell.  She is a slow adjuster.  The kittens no longer look like kittens, Freyr is as big as Lucy, bigger than Katie. What a big old goof he is too.  Freya, she is a trouble maker, so quick and fast.

I tried to do some spring cleaning last weekend, as well as get the community garden planted.
I got some plants in green peppers, a jalapeño, a few tomato as well as cucumber and squash.  Some how ended up with 4 cabbage plants.  It has rained all week, I will have to check on them tomorrow sometime after the washer repair person comes.

That leads to the reason I stopped cleaning or a least the spring cleaning part.  I have a garden door for a back door, and it has a curtain (south facing gets very hot ).  Now this curtain can be and has been washed before.  I don't know if I took it apart wrong or what, but there was one rod I couldn't figure how to get out, all the rest where plastic so what the heck I through it into the washer on gentle cycle. I go to retrieve it and the "metal" yes "metal rod" punctured holes in my rubber on my front load washer.  I was very unhappy.  I phoned Sears to have them come and repair it. Was told Thursday, and I should get a call with a smaller window of time on Wednesday. I make arrangements time off on Thursday.  Wednesday no phone call or messages. Long story short, after many phone calls to Sears and a unplanned day off.  The repair person should be hear tomorrow. Grrrr.

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