Monday, August 8, 2011

So Busy - Getting Ready for Wedding and Big News

Been busy with the new kittens Yes you read right kittens plural and getting ready for the wedding.  I am heading out next week to Ottawa as daughter is in panic mode but of course baby hormones are not helping. Yes you read that right too I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!!!!!! in February.  So excited.
I will try to update the blog before I go with pictures of the kittens and some of the card I have made lately except the one I made for DD's godchild, I forgot to take pictures *shakes head*  She did love it with butterflies and fairies, but what 9 year old girl wouldn't.  

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Kitcaboodles said...

Oh how exciting... my sister is pregnant with her first and I can't wait!! Looking forward to seeing some pics of the new kittens... isn't it typical with ragdolls that you can't ever just pick one?!