Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life Update

Really nothing much going on.  Just life as I know it.
Still working on the wedding invitations lots still to do, mostly cutting the library pockets and the library card RSVP.  They are going to look awesome if I say so myself. (reminder to self take pictures of the process).
Spent Mother's Day at the emergency vet with the Eskie MacLeod, he fell from our bed and injured his left from leg.  Soft tissue injury with out taking x-rays was the diagnoses.  His liver or kidney enzymes were elevated so no anti inflammatories, just pain killers, so the poor boy is doped up on opiates.  Mother's Day supper was at Swiss Chalet with my Mom, hubby, our son and gf, my sister, her son and DIL along with her Mom and Grandma. It was a wonder evening out.  Sure beat the heck out of cooking.
DH got my a Kobo, I might have mention that before, not that I seem to have time to read lol.

Hubby still is not working, everyone keeps saying soon. ACK!!!! Wish he know have to cut on the Silhouette lol.
Had a card class last night, I'll post pictures later. Made my Mom a wonderful, no time to take a picture (good thing she keeps them).
Tag Tuesday today at Scrapbookers Paradise, then home to do some cutting of library pockets.

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