Friday, May 27, 2011

Ackk!!! Blogger is messed up for me

I haven't been able to get into blogger for a few days. Endless log in loop. Finally tried IE8 and now I can post. I am hoping that Blogger will get this fix so I can back to using Chrome.
Wedding invitations 50 are done, not in the mail but done.  I am hoping to get them all in the mail Monday, before Canada Post goes on strike.
Been very neglectful of diet and exercise. Monday, I am hitting the exercise big time.
Won't be able to do the treadmill though.  At the moment I have water running down the wall in my basement beside the treadmill.  We have a plugged eaves trough on the condo and the water is coming my dryer vent.  Condo management can't or won't do anything until it stops raining, big help that is. I'll have to check again tonight and make sure nothing can get wet.  One big problem is that the electric outlet for the dryer is right where the water is coming down.  I turned the switch off at the panel, but will need to have an electrician look at it before I can use it.  Might have to buy some clothes, but I did want to lose a few pounds before that.

I'll post invitation pictures once I have them in the mail, at least then you can look at pretty pictures. I'll also post some cat pictures too, many sneak in a kitten photo or 2.  I haven't been able to get out to see the kittens.  I hope to soon. I do hope I can find a sweet thing that is a lap kitty.  Katie keeps trying to be a lap kitty, (she is so silly) but really doesn't like to be on your lap unless you have paper there lol.

Any way just thought I would post so you know I am having blog issues

Please if you pass by my lonely little blog, do drop a comment and say hi

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