Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So I am Thinking of Getting another Ragdoll

After the fiasco with Lucy see this  Post for some more info, I have been seriously thinking of getting another Ragdoll.  I have been talking to the breeder I got Freyr and Freya from, she has a number of litters due this spring.  Getting a kitten instead of a full on adult, should help with acceptance and also not an queen (adult female).  Katie accepted the kittens fairly well, she just didn't like sharing a house with another adult female and same with Lucy.  Hubby is not on board yet!   I am not in a big hurry, as this time I know what I want and the kind of temperament I really want (a cuddle bug, purr baby).  I can wait until after the wedding to pick up the kitten.  Hopefully by that time I will have convinced hubby.
No card making went on at all on the weekend. Did start a bit of clean up in the craft room, still looks like an episode of Hoarders but not quite as bad as this  post, but still not enough to stamp.
I do have to get started on the wedding invitations, the kids will still have to approve a layout. Hopefully hubby will be working soon.  I don't like him working away, but it does give me a little more room and time to myself.
Reading back over the last year I realized I never did post our holiday pictures. So maybe I'll mess with that later this week.
Back to the job that pays for my supplies ................

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