Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Save the Dates are done!

The Save the Dates are all done. I mailed about 30 of them yesterday.  I need more US stamps (postage) the rest are being addressed and mail today.  I will take some nice pictures this weekend with natural light and the good camera.  I did notice a different in the distress of the second batch, it seems lighter.  I guess I have to refill the ink pad more than I did. I was also having trouble with the Rangers Ink Blending tool, replacement pads it were leaving pieces of foam on the cards.  I did try to take some pictures to send to Ranger Ink, to see if that is suppose to happen.  It happened with more than one.  I am wondering if I got a bad batch of replacement pads.
No exercise last night, so had better get at it tonight. Might need to exercise just to stay warm. -35C with wind chill this morning BRRRRRR. 

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