Friday, July 1, 2011


Check my healthy journey blog to see what I am starting today. Here
 A week from today Sheena and Matt will be here.  I am having a neighbour come in tomorrow to help spring clean the townhouse.  I can keep up or as my mom would say "a lick and a promise", but with Sheena's allergies and not being her cats, I want as much hair and dust cleaned up.
Ended up with hives two weeks ago, not sure what caused them, what a pain or should I say itch. Now still have to be careful with things and the sun.  Going to have to brave it today, need to get the grass cut.
First I am off to get some fans and lightbulbs (walking in the dark here lol)
Then I need to find my summer clothes - YEP I said summer clothes, the warm weather is finally here.

Please if you stop by my lonely blog, leave a small comment even if just to say you were here. Thank you so much.

Haven't posted for a bit so here are some raggie pictures
Freyr sleeping on the cat tree

Freya, sleeping on the lazyboy

Katie is using the tree more often whoo hoo

Freyr again

Freya the diva, paws crossed

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