Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Talk about Neglected - I even left you hanging about the baby

Well I should be chastised thoroughly.  Left you all hanging on February 20.  Irene Bhride arrived in all her glory on March 2, 2012 just hours before her Mom was scheduled to go into the hospital for an induction.  My daughter was able to birth her at home, the midwife arrived just in time.  It was a fast and beautiful birth. All went very well, with the exception of Irene having a broken collar bone, which resulted with us taking her to the children's hospital for x-rays just to be safe.
She weighed 8.1 and was I think 56 cm long.

I ended up being a month away from home, but only got to spend a week with Irene and my daughter.
I miss her so much, it is hard to be so far away, thank the gods for Skype and smart phones

This picture was sent yesterday
she is weighing 12.5 lbs and 63cm long.
She is such a good baby.  Irene and her Mom will be here for a month starting June 21, I am counting the days.

MRune and MonAime are 1 year old now, So what is this blog with out the Raggie pictures lol

MRune birthday morning waiting for pets

MonAime on his birthday a few days before MRunes
3 Raggies on the bed
Freya & Freyr
MRune & MonAime
A Real "cat tree"

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The crazy ragdoll cat lady said...

When did you get each of your cats? by that I mean, how long apart did you get them?