Monday, June 6, 2011

So I didn't post on the weekend - oops

Not sure where the time went, wasted on FB maybe. Anyway hubby's dear niece had her baby on Saturday. A baby boy James Joseph.  It was my Mom's 86 birthday, Sheena's godmothers's grandsons 2nd birthday, a bit of a busy day.  Made a nice card for my Mom, Saturday morning.  Cleaned up the kitchen (if you saw it this morning you would never know).  Sunday, I did laundry, thankfully it was beautiful sunny day, so I could hang them outside. Cut the grass again, but since I slept, in it was too hot to pull the grass in the flower beds.  I did make sure there was NO standing water in the yard, those pesky mosquitoes are some nasty this year.  Did some prep work for meals, no menu planned but still a work in progress.  Cleaned the one pantry. Won't get much done tonight as I am hopefully going to see the kittens. Maybe I'll get to pick which will be mine.

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